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Get to Know Us

Who are we?

We are a team of 13 b2b marketing professionals dedicated to help software companies discover their target audience and engage them with substance across a variety of channels and destinations. We understand that entrepreneurs are more than bar graphs and pie charts on a dashboard. They are smart and passionate dreamers, always seeking out the full potential in every aspect of their lives.

mvpGrow was founded by Eyal Katz with a mission to apply his hands-on experience as a B2B growth marketer in Fortune 500 companies and early stage startups. As first employee at AdNgin, now acquired by Outbrain, Eyal played an instrumental role in propelling the company forward and helping it grow from $0 – $10K MRR in less than 8 months. Eyal has repeatedly demonstrated success marketing freemium SaaS solutions, such as Connecteam, (First marketer at Connecteam, now considered a unicorn) as well as enterprise software solutions with a focus on cyber security and devtool products.

At mvpGrow, we attribute our success to a methodological approach that continuously unlocks product market fit for small and large B2B software companies through effective market research and a targeted offering. We continue to help startups optimize their marketing funnels and introduce innovative growth channels that bring in more marketing qualified leads, with improved quality, and for reduced acquisition costs.

Our mission

To help B2B software companies scale their marketing efforts and grow their revenue

Our essence

To position data at the center of our banner. We are marketing analytics junkies and believe that everything can and should be tracked, analyzed, and optimized

Our promise

To employ the right marketing strategy and tactics for your company, product, and audience. We do not employ cookie-cutter marketing

Our vibe

To thrive and excel in an intense environment while bringing an invigorating energy to your team

Our Content Portfolio

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